5 new hot colors in Woolly Sparkle Dub

WSD-5Our dubbing series has proven itself pretty useful, during the last season – and have been a main ingredient in lots of catchy flies.

The first 7 colors were imitative and natural looking – and perfect for imitations of baitfish, insects, shrimps, leeches and other tasty morsels. Now we have added 5 hot colors that are aimed at a more provocative approach.

I think they will be superb for flies for salmon, sea trout, steelhead and other predators… like pike, zander and perch.

The new colors are:

Chartreuse Sparkle

Steelie Blue

Red UV Sparkle

Gold Sunset Yellow

Midnight Purple

Here is a little gallery of some the flies I have tied with the new colors in Woolly Sparkle Dub – and some zonker strips, teal feathers, arctic fox, flash etc.

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