5 new hot colors in Woolly Sparkle Dub

Our dubbing series has proven itself pretty useful, during the last season – and have been a main ingredient in lots of catchy flies. The first 7 colors were imitative and natural looking – and perfect for imitations of baitfish, insects, shrimps, leeches and other tasty morsels. Now we have added 5 hot colors that […]

Sparkle Fox – steelhead, salmon and seatrout fly tying

Tying sbs and underwater footage of a streamer design mixing arctic fox hair and Woolly Sparkle Dub. With an internal glow from a maroon colored glass bead and the flatbraid body material – this fly is transparent – and the super soft materials breathe like marabou. I use this fly in the salt for sea […]

Loopy Leech – a reloaded Woolly Bugger

The Woolly Worm and the Woolly Bugger are some of my favourite flies – and recently I’ve worked a bit on the concept of making a Woolly Bugger that incorporated a bit more sparkle and flash than the original. Furthermore I wanted to make it a bit more flexible – by making it easy to […]

Mic’s Woolly Baitfish (underwater) – video

A rather simple but effective baitfish streamer fly that i use in fresh- and saltwater. I this video you can see it swimming underwater. On my YouTube channel you can find a tying video on this fly as well. This fly is tied with only one material (not counting hook, thread and 3D eyes) – […]

Mic’s Woolly Baitfish – fly tying – video

Baitfish imitation tied with Woolly Sparkle Dub.   Find more info, fly patterns and tying- and fishing tips on Woolly Sparkle Dub here…  Watch Woolly Sparkle Dub videos here…  You can buy Woolly Sparkle Dub right here…  You can buy Natural Sculpin Wool here… 

The barred blue Zonker

Barred blue zonker – streamer fly tying tutorial

Watch the underwater footage of this fly, and you know you are gonna need to tie it! The Zonker is not a specific pattern, but a type of streamer fly typically tied with a furry skin strip from rabbit for wing and tail. You can use other types of fur as well. Muskrat, fox, mink […]

The Polar Shrimp

Polar Shrimp – Classic steelhead and salmon fly tying tutorial – video

Most fish loves shrimps! This is my slightly speyish version of the classic steelhead and salmon fly The Polar Shrimp. As much as I love the original pattern – designed way back in the 1930’s by Clarence Shoff, a gifted fly tier, long time tackle dealer and trout bum – I like to add the […]

Deer hair dry fly

Deer Hair Hackle Dry Fly – Special dry fly tying technique

Wanna tie a super floating dry fly, without spending big bucks on top quality dry fly hackle? This Hair Hackle Dry Fly is a 2 minute tie, will float for hours, and is fat and juicy enough to make a large trout or a smallmouth bass rise to the surface and engulf it. And it […]

Midnight Purple Dog Nobbler – mini jig fly tying

Ok… I have a thing for purple and black flies and jigs. One reason for that is, that when your flies or lures dive deep and the light fades – blue, purple and black are the last colors to disappear. They are visible in deep water, in stained water and in the dim light at […]

Maroon’n’black Wool Leech – trout streamer fly tying

Tying SBS and underwater action on the Maroon’n’black Wool Leech. The yarn or wool leech is a simple, but effective imitation on leeches in freshwater and ragworms in saltwater. This is my take on the classic pattern. The glass bead seems to work great on these flies, if you want more of a gliding than […]