P & S Shrimp (Plain & Simple Shrimp)


Well I’ve given my shrimp pattern some minor corrections along the way. Now I found it was time to give it a name, and make a video of the fly tying process.

The name P&S Shrimp means Plain & Simple Shrimp, and here is the fly pattern:

Hook: I tie it on a wide range of hooks: Partridge Saltwater Shrimp and a wide gap sickle style hook and lots of others

Thread: Mostly I use white – you choose the brand

Tail: Natural Sculpin Wool (Dark Roe Orange) suggesting the mouth parts of the shrimp

Eyes: Easy Shrimp Eyes (Black)

Butt: Natural Sculpin Wool (Dark Roe Orange). This is used to spread the hackle

Feelers: strands of Mother of Pearl soft flash (or Crystal flash or similar)

Hackle: Teal or grey mallard… as legs

Body: Woolly Sparkle Dub (2 – 3 sections, depending on the hook length)

You can read more about my thoughts on this pattern in the blog Study of a shrimp.

And you can see the fly tying film on my YouTube channel… right here…


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