A Soft Dog on my trail

IMG_0180IMG_0176 Recently I got hold of a bunch of Whiting Soft Hackle with Chickabou patches – more precise the Coq De Leon hen saddles. All of these had markings resembling the partridge body hackles – and some were dyed in subdued pastel colours. I immediately saw the possibilities for making some beautiful soft hackle spider wet flies and nymphs. IMG_0183But somehow the subtle markings also made me think of shrimps, sculpins and other morsels that would fit a streamer hook or a saltwater shrimp hook… better than a wet fly hook.

So for a couple of days these saddles were just laying around on my tying bench, while the idea kinda matured. I wanted to combine the soft distinctively marked feathers with a hair wing and my own Woolly Sparkle Dub. For the wing I chose squirrel tail and grey fox body hair, materials that also had natural markings on the fibres. The Woolly Sparkle Dub, being primarily natural wool dubbing added colour, translucency, glow and a bit of sparkle.

IMG_0185The result was a series of streamers that might be taken for a sculpin, shrimp or just something alive and tasty. I tie a basic version in a variety of colours – and some that are pimped with shrimp- or bead chain eyes. IMG_0181IMG_0184All these flies are tied on an Ahrex NS156 Traditional Shrimp hook.

Being soft… and made to hunt and all… uhm. I think I’ll name the fly Soft Dog :0)