Experimenting with Amnesia running line

Today I received a package with Sunset Amnesia running line. I’ve been interested in trying that classic flat monofilament out for years, but never really got around to actually ordering the stuff. Well now it’s here, and I have done some lawn casting with different fly rods and shooting heads.

I am freaking excited about this… for lawn casting at least. During many years of lawn casting my experience is that you never really catch any trout doing it, but it makes you a better caster, when you are in fact trying to catch trout later on. Anyway… using my Fenwick FF80 fiberglass rod all it took was a single false cast – and the shooting head landed somewhere out on my neighbor’s field (that lays beyond my garden). Good thing he was not doing that farmer stuff (plowing… whatever) on his little tractor today, so no problem there.

So right now I’m making Amnesia running lines and experimenting with all my different shooting heads. Amnesia tends to separate fly fishermen in two camps. Some really hate it, and some love it. Personally I haven’t really made an opinion yet, but I see some potential for Amnesia when using sinking shooting heads, large streamers and all that brutal stuff. Next step will be field testing the stuff in rivers, lakes and saltwater. It is a dirty job, but somebody has got to do it:0)