Soft Hackle Tubes

Well it probably isn’t a secret, that I’m a big fan of Jack Gartsides Soft Hackle Streamer. And… since I’m slowly becoming a tube man in this winter (not the Michelin style, gigglehead – I’m just tying a lot of tube flies)- well I kind of cloned the concepts and made a batch of Soft Hackle Tubes. With a conehead in front you get a jigging action, and with a disc you add frenzy movement to the soft marabou fibres. These flies move like crazy in the water.

Well bottom line is: Soft hackle streamers are deadly, tying them is a breeze and they really adapt well to tube designs. Make a batch for the upcoming sea trout and salmon season. Scandinavian trout and salmon don’t see much marabou anyway, so you just might surprise them:0)