Woolhead Sculpin V2 – fly tying – video

New version of my Woolhead Sculpin. This one is made entirely of Woolly Sparkle Dub (well… and a hook, some thread and a pair of 3D eyes). I’m using the Ahrex Deep Streamer, which is perfect for these saltwater streamers… and kind of classy looking as well. Hope you guys like it :0)

Woolhead Sculpin 

Hook: Ahrex Deep Streamer #4-8

Tread:  White (use your favourite brand :0)

Tail:  Woolly Sparkle Dub (mixing various colours)

Body: Woolly Sparkle Dub (mixing various colours)

Head: Woolly Sparkle Dub (mixing various colours)

Eyes: 3D eyes yellow

Dubbing colours for this version: Gold Sunset Yellow,  Campfire Redhead,  Chartreuse Sparkle, Ghost Shrimp Tan, Platinium Blonde, Damsel in Distress


See Woolhead Sculpin V1 here…


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