Aalestrup Open 2013

On March the 2’th I had the pleasure of, once again, being part of the team of judges in the annual fly tying comptetion Aalestrup Open. I had a great day hanging out with Orla Bertram Nielsen, Laurits Flowbinner, Søren Glerup and lots of other old friends. The competition was fierce, and the standard of the flies was skyhigh. The best fly tiers in the individual categories were:

Modern Salmon flies:

1. Morten Wølck, 2. Niels Ib, 3. Dennis S. Jensen

Pike flies

1. Jeppe Lyngsø, 2. Rasmus Wølck, 3. Allan Pedersen

Saltwater flies:

1. Niels Ib, 2. Allan Pedersen, 3. Morten Wølck


1. Ole S. Lund, 2. Wilfred Hansen, 3. Morten Wølck

Dry flies

1. Niels Ib, 2. Wilfred Hansen, 3. Ole S. Lund

Wet flies

1. Per Nielsen, 2. Ole S. Lund, 3. Poul Erik Jensen

Super realistic flies

1. Kennet Nyholm, 2. Jeppe Lyngsø, 3. Aleksander Eriksen


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