Chartreuse Bunny Jig – hair jig tying

With underwater film clips and full tying sbs. Combining a heavy jighead with a long and spineless strip of rabbit fur gives a sick swimming action. I tie The Chartreuse Bunny Jig on a wide range of head styles and weights and use it for perch, trout, zander and pike.

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Chartreuse Bunny Jig (with affiliate links)

Hook: Your choise of jighead, 1/2 – 3/4 oz. for pike and muskie 

– smaller for perch, bass and trout –

Tread: UTC 140, white –

Tail/body: Magnum Rabbit Strip, Black Barred Chartreuse/Fl. Yellow – and Flashabou Mix, Multi Silver –

Legs: Rubberlegs Barred, Black & White –

Front hackle: Magnum Rabbit Strip, Black Barred Yellow/Hot Orange in dubbing loop


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