Looking for spring


– getting close… but still no cigars

I made a short trip to the river today. Primarily to get out and soak up some early spring light, but also to try out a new fly reel… hopefully with a sea trout at the business end of the line. Well, the trout didn’t cooperate, but my “new” auction find, a mid 90’s STH Cassette fly reel worked flawlessly. It’s a nice piece of workmanship (with no less than 6 spare spools) made in Argentina – so naturally I had to use Joe Brooks’ usually deadly Argentine Blonde fly. The blue/white & silver bucktail weren’t deadly today, or at least the trout didn’t seem to think so.

But… anyway… in spite of the snow and night temperatures well below freezing, spring is slowly beginning to show. The waters are unlocking, the geese are migrating north and the days are getting longer. All we need now is some warms winds – and we’re in for a period of short but probably hectic spring fishing. Can’t wait much longer:0)


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