Slim Darter Jig – Black Zebra

Michael Jensen - Micsflies (3 of 5)
A cool ting!

This is just one of the cool things about being a blogger and youtuber – that I get some great feedback from my friends and followers. A week ago I released a new jig tying video on my Slim Darter Jig.

It’s a bucktail jig tied on a tubebait jighook. See the video down below…

Michael Jensen - Micsflies (5 of 5)

One of my followers, Joe Duca, who has become a friend I share a lot of interests with (rock and blues music and all things outdoors… to mention a few), gave me some inspiring feedback.

Joe wrote:

Michael Jensen your tinkering paid off. Yeah they do have a built in minnow shape. I just had a thought to further enhance the looks in the spirit of “tinkering”. I think it was George Grant that tied beautiful stone flies. I believe he also cemented small mottled feathers to the backs of the bugs. C. Boyd Pfeiffer did a similar thing to the back of poppers for a mackerel type look by sliding a feather over the wet cement coated body, similar to decoupage probably. In Fly Tier a man did a similar technique, but more involved by layering feathers and tinsel between multiple coats of clear laquer of some type on spoons.

I thought that would be a cool way to spice up the sides of those tube bait jigs… or not… lol. Just a thought. The fish don’t care if the heads are decorated, probably, but it’d be fun to try. Take care my friend.

Michael Jensen - Micsflies (1 of 5)
I’ll give it a go

I had not thought of that option. But I couldn’t get Joe’s idea out of the head again – ‘till I’ve tried it out. So I did last night. The process of gluing a strip of natural teal feather at the topside of the long teardrop shaped jig head was tricky – but I think the result was worth the effort.

Michael Jensen - Micsflies (2 of 5)

Anyway… you can be the judge of that ;0)

Michael Jensen - Micsflies (4 of 5)

Thanks a freaking lot Joe… and each and everyone of you that follows my YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook or blog.

Tight lines


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    Joe Duca

    (May 28, 2018 - 2:58 pm)

    Michael! Absolutely beautiful! You even matched up the tail section, totally awesome job my friend. You’re not only a “puppet master” in the manipulation of the lure, but also a master in materials and techniques at the vise.
    I’m flattered and honored you took my suggestion to task. I’d love to know how you did it. Maybe a future tutorial? ? You’ve got your foot in the door of lots of possibilities now.
    Thanks again and cheers to artistic expression!
    Joe ???

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