Pattegrisen (the Pink Pig) – fly tying – video

This is my my take on Pattegrisen, probably the most popular and famous Danish saltwater fly ever. It was developed by Claus Eriksen back in 2006 – with some inspiration from Morten Oland’s Spey Shrimp. It’s a killer for sea trout. The fly is tied on an Ahrex NS150 hook. Claus was actually part of the team, that designed that hook model.

I also wrote a blog on about this fly. Check it out here…

Pattegrisen/The Pink Pig
Hook: Ahrex NS150 Curved Shrimp #6
Thread: 6/0 Pink
Tail: Small bunch of Teal fibres, dyed Salmon Pink
Tail hackle: Whiting Spey feather dyed Salmon Pink
Feelers: 4-6 Fibres Super Hair, Hot Pink
Eyes: Nylon Shrimp Eyes, Amber/Black
Weight: Lead Free wire
Rib: Nylon Monofilament approx 0,20 mm
Body: SLF Saltwater Dubbing, Fl. Shell Pink
Body hackle: Whiting Spey feather dyed Salmon Pink, slightly
shorter than the tail hackle.
Shell Back: EP Fibres, Pink, lacquered with Loon Soft Head varnish.


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