Blae and Black – a midge imitating wet fly

This classic wet fly is very popular among stillwater anglers on the British Isles, since it is a great imitation of the black midges hatching from spring to early summer. I’ve used it with great success for that same task here in Scandinavia, and consider it to be a very effective fly for brown trout […]

Screen Dumb YouTube

Milestone – 1 million views on YouTube

…and 100.000 views on the most viewed video Well this last month our Michael Jensen’s Angling YouTube channel passed an important milestone. We reached the 1 million views mark. And about the same time our most viewed video The Yellow Monster Bugger articulated streamer tying SBS passed 100.000 views. I think this is as good […]

The Blushing Blonde Jig – a reverse tied Classic Bucktail Jig

A new jig pattern Back in early spring I came up with a new jig pattern as a present to my wife Ulla. I called it the Blushing Blonde Jig, since, like this lure, Ulla is a blonde (at least at the moment ;0) and the blushing pink part of the design was inspired by […]

How to use the Storm R. I. P. Multi-depth Screw System

Your guide to rigging large softbaits using Storm’s R.I.P. Multi-depth Screw System – or most other hook and wire leaders setups. Close-up filming, easy to follow step-by-step instructions – and underwater film clips.

Chartreuse Zonker – video SBS

Today I added a new video to my Youtube Channel. This time it’s a Chartreuse Zonker. The Zonker is a design, that usually has a strip of rabbit skin as wing – but a lot of other skin types can be used. Check out my blog on Ahrex Hooks, if you want to know more […]

Pattegrisen (the Pink Pig) – fly tying – video

This is my my take on Pattegrisen, probably the most popular and famous Danish saltwater fly ever. It was developed by Claus Eriksen back in 2006 – with some inspiration from Morten Oland’s Spey Shrimp. It’s a killer for sea trout. The fly is tied on an Ahrex NS150 hook. Claus was actually part of […]

Amber Softhackle Streamer – salmon and steelhead fly tying – video

I’m a big fan of the late Jack Gartside, and I’ve tied a lot of his wonderful Soft Hackle Streamer. I have used it for decades for trout, perch, pike and a variety of saltwater predators as well. This is my own variations on Jack’s pattern, using blood quill marabou, schlappen feathers and jungle cock […]