Burnt orange Booby Fly

Burnt Orange Booby Fly – Streamer Fly Tying

Underwater action and full tying SBS on a hot Booby Fly, that effectively mimics the swimming action and profile of large insect larvae, like damselfly-, dragonfly- and hellgrammite larvae. Might also imitate small fish, salamanders or hatching mayflies. Anyway, fish wan’t it, and that’s why you need it too ;0) Thanks for watching Michael Check […]

Meet the Booby fly – Angling Tales

I have just released the first video in a series I’ve given the working title Angling Tales. It’s a series where I will try to make some touchdowns in angling history and celebrate cool flies, equally cool anglers, hot fishing techniques or other remarkable events. First video is a short story about the Booby Fly. […]

Hot Pink Booby – saltwater and stillwater fly tying

You want it hot? Well this Booby should fill the bill. It is a killer for seatrout (sea run brown) on the Scandinavian coast, from late fall to spring. Worked slowly on a sinking or intermediate line, this Booby will find the silvery trout. Works well in early river fishing as well. And nearly forgot… […]

Flash Chenille Booby

This is a classic in British reservoir angling. The body material is sold under names like flash chenille, fritz or cactus chenille, and gives this fly a lot of sparkle and action. High visibility makes the Flash Chenille Booby a fine searching pattern. Use discrete colours for clear water situations and hot versions like chartreuse, […]

Orange Flash Chenille Booby – fly tying – video

Hot coloured Booby Fly for discoloured water in rivers or lakes. Really an easy tie. I tie this fly in a variety of colours: mostly olive, black, brown, orange and white. Orange Flash Chenille Booby Hook: Wet fly hook or short streamer hook # 4 – 10 Tread: White or orange Tail: Orange marabou Body: […]

Damselfly Booby – fly tying – video

A Damselfly Booby fished on a sinking line is a deadly setup for trout in stillwaters as well as in slow moving rivers. Damsel fly larvae are active swimmers and their swimming action is very well imitated in this combination of foam eyes, discrete sparkling wool body and lively marabou tail. Damselfly Booby (with affiliate […]

Damselfly Booby

It’s green, buoyant… and very much alive. As all Booby flies, this is best fished on a sinking line. The damselfly larva is a very active swimmer and can be found wiggling around in most stillwaters and a lot of rivers all year round. This is an easy tie and a great contribution to any […]

Tying and fishing the Booby Fly – now as iBook

This season I’ve had some great fishing adventures, and one specific fly type has made my day under a lot of different situations. The Booby Fly is a life saver, when trout play hard to get. I have written a book about my ideas and experiences with this fly type – and… finally… it is […]

Sinking fly line and the Booby Fly

The days when fish don’t seem eager to commit suicide (ok… they probably would be released anyway:0) – are the days when you really have to experiment with your fishing techniques. It can be inspiring, frustrating and educating… depending on your mindset on the actual day. Well… I had a pretty frustrating day on the […]

Tying and Fishing the Booby Fly – Firetail Booby – Sample from the book

Firetail Booby I invented this pattern more than a decade ago. I was inspired by flies like Jack Gartside’s Soft Hackle Streamer and a lot of the colourful steelhead flies. What I wanted was hot colours and flash, but I also wanted it to be a little bit subdued. The solution was to hide the […]